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Sweet Mint & Lime Shower Steamers

Sweet Mint & Lime Shower Steamers

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Turn your morning shower into the ultimate spa experience!

Green eucalyptus leaves bring a cool, earthy energy that grounds and calms, while tingly spearmint leaves you feeling alert and energized. The star of this blend, is the tangy sweet lime that provides shimmering citrus notes that uplift and inspire.

Why Shower Steamers:

  • Quick and convenient way to add some natural aromatherapy to your shower routine
  • Fragranced with pure essential oils to help revive your body and power up your mind. 
  • Small & portable – take them on the road with you
  • Gentle & natural ingredients - no weird chemicals or dyes
  • Biodegradable ingredients. Bottle made with 100% recycled materials. 100% recyclable.


IMPORTANT: Please note that these steamers are intended to be used in a shower and not as a bath bomb - because the scent is highly concentrated to provide an aromatherapy experience the oils could potentially irritate the skin if used in direct contact.

  • 1 tube contains 6 shower steamers
  • Each shower steamer tablet lasts approximately 2 to 3 showers
  • 170 g
  • Handmade by Natura Soy in Okotoks, AB