Votivo Soy Candles

Votivo Soy Candles

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Votivo jars are all about providing you with perfect-for-the-moment, mood-inducing scents in a petite & portable package.  Handcrafted in Alberta by Natura Soy.

● made with pure plant-based ingredients safe for people and the environment
● naturally scented with essential oils using tested recipes
● long lasting and clean burning with no wax left on the sides
● biodegradable and easy to clean up any spilled wax with soap and water

3 scents available:

Sweet Dreams

These little babies will give you a surprisingly warm glow and have a nice long burn time.

And this size is perfect for gifting and stocking stuffers :)

Special Limited-Run Aromatherapy Scents:

Love- Balance and calm with Rosewood and Lavender combined with the rich sensual aroma of Patchouli.

Happiness- Sure to brighten up your day with uplifting scent of Sweet Orange and Vanilla.

Sweet Dreams- Relaxing and soothing. Lavender, Vanilla, Sweet Orange & Chamomile.

3.5 oz

18 to 20 hour burn time

A perfect complement to our Skeem white or black tipped match jars or any other item in the HERS boutique gift collection.